■ IMI-PainCare at IASP in Boston ■

The 17th World Congress on Pain will take place from September 12-16, 2018 in Boston. Several consortium members will present and there is booth organised by us. Your are welcome to drop by!

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IMI-PainCare #155

Members of the consortium are involved in chairing workshop, presenting posters or holding talks:

12:00 PM, Sept 15 Part 1: IASP Advocacy Efforts and Update on ICD-11
12:00 PM, Sept 15 Part 2: Introducing the Societal Impact of Pain: A Case of Successful Collaborative Advocacy for Pain in Europe

10:45 AM, Sept 13 Early Management of Musculoskeletal Injury in the Emergency Department: Can We Prevent the Development of Chronic Pain?
04:30 PM, Sept 13 Pain Registries: What have we learned and where do we want to go?
04:30 PM, Sept 13 Integrity in Pain Research: A Discussion Workshop
04:30 PM, Sept 14 QST Hands-on Workshop
10:45 AM, Sept 15 Identifying and Understanding who is vulnerable to Developing chronic Pain
10:45 AM, Sept 15 Elucidating the Mechanisms Contributing to Chronic Pelvic Pain - Research from Animals, Adolescents and Adults
01:30 PM, Sept 16 Stratification of Visceral Pain

  • PTH255 Validity of Online, Self-administered Pain Sensitivity Questionnaire
  • PTH505 Do Clinicians Adhere to Clinical Practice Guidelines for Management of Perioperative Pain and how Does Adherence Influence Patient-reported Outcomes? Results for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
  • PTH067 Disruption of the Hypothalamic Pituitary Ovarian Axis Is Common in Women with Chronic Pain
  • PST249 Pain Testing@Home – the Cold Pressor Test as a First Example
  • PST513 The Pain Group of European pharmaceutical companies of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI2): working in partnerships to improve pain knowledge, drug research, and clinical pain management
  • PSN438 Determining the Number of Measures Required to Fully Assess Endometriosis-associated Pain

You find the entire conference program on the homepage of the event: