■ Topical workshop at IASP, 2021 ■


We are delighted that our proposal for a topical workshop “Development of biomarkers for pain: recent advances from research consortia in Europe, U.S.A. and Japan” has been selected for inclusion in the program of the IASP World congress on Pain.
Together with speakers from the U.S.A. and Japan, we will be talking about the need for biomarkers in pain R&D and clinical practice, ultimately to develop novel approaches and for a paradigm change in pain management.
Recent progress of IMI-PainCare and current pain R&D initiatives in U.S.A. and Japan will be presented in generating a comprehensive set of tools which will expand knowledge about pain targets and pathways.
In addition, we will explain efforts to validate biomarkers which will enable stratification of pain patients to allow more individualized treatments, and discover innovative and objective methods for evaluating the success of pain therapies in real-world clinical practice and in clinical trials (Phase II and III).
Looking forward to meeting you at the congress to discuss and invite you to support and synergize with these initiatives.
For more details see https://iaspworldcongress.pathable.co/meetings/DQEhT9wx5Wt2QXdJJ#/